Homeland security


Of the objectives from either the text or the NSHS, choose at least 3 that you believe are the most critical for the United States Department of Homeland Security, describe the objectives and explain why you believe that these are the most critical. This paper is due by 11:59pm on Wednesday January 20, 2016.

Students must email or upload the paper into Moodle by 11:59 pm on 1/20. Students can also choose to drop off the paper in person which must be done by 5pm on the due date. Late assignments will be accepted, however, the grade will be lowered by 10% for each day that it is late. If an assignment is turned in after the due date by uploading it in Moodle then it is the student’s responsibility to email the Professor to notify that it has been uploaded. Papers are 2-4 pages in length and must include at least one scholarly source.