hlth individual group assignment

THIS ENTIRE ASSIGNMENT MUST BE PLAGIARISM FREE!!! EVERYTHING ASKED HAS TO BE DONE!!! REFERENCES, CITING And So Forth!!! ALTHOUGH, I AM PUTTING IN ONLY $5 IS NOT CORRECT!!! I WILL PAY $12-15 For This Assignment! The Assignment Starts Here: The advent of personal health records has presented both advantages and disadvantages. A health system in Pennsylvania has incorporated an approach to increase utilization of this technology by providing personal portals to affiliated patients and incorporating the individual record with the electronic record in the hospital, which allowed the patients to view test results after review by the physician. Your quality improvement circle has been assigned the task of creating a presentation regarding system security as it applies to the ability of the general public access to a combined personal and the electronic medical record housed by the hospital. The slide count refers to context only. Title and references are separate. Notes are required on each slide to expand on the explanation. The presentation should include discussion on the following components: •Overview of the personal health record •Benefits/advantages of having a personal health record •How to prevent and mitigate misuse of access •System security update procedures Individual Portion Each group member will submit his or her slide material as a sentence outline. All written support for your PowerPoint slides must be submitted in this area. Your answer should be supported with a minimum of 2 reliable resources. For more information on creating PowerPoint Presentations, please visit the PowerPoint Lab. The following must be included in the assignment: •Individual assignment topic •Background for slide development •Black and white slide content for 2–3 PowerPoint slides Please add your file. Group Portion The group will discuss, agree, and create the final presentation. The group leader will compile and submit the final presentation combined with a title page and reference list prior to the submission deadline for the group to review. Group members should supply final comments on the order of presentation and fix any grammar, spelling, mechanical, and formatting errors. All PowerPoint slides are to be formatted in presentation style. Individual discussion notes are to be included with each slide. The presentation should be written with an adequate strength of argument, support for the position, and a level of reasoning in communicating points. Your final document must contain a minimum of 2 references per group member from reliable resources. Please add your file. For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials. Please refer to the following multimedia course material(s): •Unit 3: System Software Information