History Homework 2 seperate parts

Part 1

Your initial response to the question should be between 250 – 300 words long. Include references and citations where necessary to ensure proper credit and documentation of your sources. You are welcome to include references in addition to the course textbook, just ensure that you use proper documentation.

You must answer one of the offered questions completely. For length requirements, it must be a minimum of 250 –

300 words and this does not include your citations / references. For most forum questions, this is reflective of the

amount of examples, details, and analysis that should be included in the answer. In addition to answering the question,

you will often need to provide specific examples from the textbook and / or assigned reading (the necessary number

of examples will vary according to the question minimum of three examples) and references for any

sources used.

It is essential for students to provide cites and footnotes for their work. APA format. In addition to providing specific

examples to support and illustrate their answers, students need to include analysis and interpretation (discussion) of

their answer.


You are to answer only one of the following questions! However, each of the questions is multi-layered, be sure to address each of the points raised in each question.

When answering your question, be sure to provide the number and copy-and-paste the question itself in your response.


 1) Describe Thomas Jefferson’s Presidency; its successes and failures.


(3) What were Andrew Jackson’s policies on banking and tariffs? How did they evolve? Do you think those policies helped or hurt the American economy? Why?


(4) What was the Nullification Crisis of 1832? What steps did Jackson take in relation to this? Why is this important?


(5) Why did Jackson support Indian Removal? Did Removal help to preserve, or to destroy, Native American culture? Explain your answer.

(6) Describe Texas’ War for Independence and its bids to be incorporated/annexed into the United States. Why was this such a controversial issue?


Assignment responses should be no less than 300 words and no more than about 500 words

From the readings in Lesson 3, we discussed Congress’s quandry regarding the employment of combat forces abroad. During the Vietnam Conflict, President Nixon employed hundreds of thousands of combat forces into Southeast Asia without approval of Congress. Eventually, Congress felt compelled to pass the War Powers Resolution of 1973 (over his veto). As such, the president can still employ troops abroad to defend US interests, but then is required to notify Congress of the employment within 48 hours, and then withdraw them within 60 days – unless Congress formally declares war or authorizes the use of military force. However, subsequent presidents have not all followed this Resolution. This has caused a rift between the president and Congress that still exists today.

For this Forum assignment, please discuss the issue of how American military forces should be employed in conflict abroad. Is it strictly the president’s call? What is Congress’s role? Are the restrictions in the War Powers Resolution of 1973 realistic? How should this issue be resolved? Please use examples in your post; include citations or URLs for your work to receive full credit;