The course which I take is “Late Industrialization and Social Change” (not the essay topic)

Choose one of the readings below and write a critical review. Try to think why you disagree in case you do not disagree, and in case you agree is what the author says enough? What can you add your own thoughts and ideas to those of the author? Is there enough evidence to support the arguments? Is there logical consistency in the arguments?

All in all, the professor is seeking how much thinking you put into critical review. Not summary of the readings. You should have strong argument (with a why question).

6-8 pages, double spaced. I will upload a sample of critical review later.



**Herbert Jacob, German Administration since Bismarck (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1963), p. 11-66.

**Hans Rosenberg, Bureaucracy, Aristocracy, and Autocracy; the Prussian Experience, 1660-1815(Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1958), Ch. 4 & 5.

Industrialization and the State:

**Ralf Dahrendorf, Society and Democracy in Germany (Garden City, N.Y.:Doubleday, 1967), Ch. 3 & 12.

*Eve Rosenhaft and W.R. Lee, “State and Society in Modern Germany,” in Lee and Rosenhaft, (eds.), The State and Social Change in Germany, 1880-1980 (New York: Berg, 1990), pp. 1-33.

*W.O. Henderson, The State and the Industrial Revolution in Prussia 1740-1870, Liverpool University Press, 1967, pp. 169-194.

Implications for Social Change:

**Ralf Dahrendorf, Society and Democracy in Germany (Garden City, N.Y.:Doubleday, 1967), Ch. 4.

**Jurgen Kocka, ‘Entrepreneurship in a late-comer country: the German case’, in N. Nakagawa, ed., Social Order and Entrepreneurship (Tokyo, 1979), pp. 149-190.

**Jurgen Kocka, “Capitalism and Bureaucracy in German Industrialization before 1914,” The Economic History Review, New Series, Vol. 34, No. 3 (Aug., 1981), pp. 453-468.

DO NOT lack of questions or critical observations in the paper.