Grant Writing Assignment


I have started writing the grant. The document is attached. Please open that document and write within it. Review all attached documents to get a grasp of the assignment and to see what I have already completed. Highlighted documents is what I need completed.


Topic – Career Workshops

Sharon Elementary has a small population and so does the city it sits in, Clifton Forge, VA. The program I would like to propose is a career workshop program. This program will invite teachers/staff, families, students and the community to be a part of the workshops. The worksops will teach career guidance as well as information for starting a business. The goal of the program is to increase the city population which would lead to increased school populat. This will happen over time due to employment opportunities opening as well as new businesses. Further research is required. Try to be as creative as possible.


A. Letter to Department of Education (1 page minimum)


B. Abstract (1 page minimum)


C. Statement of Need (4 page minimum)


D. Program Description (4 page minimum)


E. Review of Data


F. Goals and Objectives (2 page minimum)


G. Timeline (2 page minimum)


H. Budget (1 page minimum)


I. Closing/Evaluation (4 page minimum)














J. Appendix (1 page minimum)


K. Table of Contents


The first three attached documents will describe what each section is looking for.

The fourth attachment is the school report card.

The fifth attachment is the actual grant that i would like you to type in and work from.

The sixth attachment is census bureau data.


I need the assignment posted by Saturday October 4, 2014 11 AM Eastern Standard Time Zone.