explain why the supreme court accepted it for adjudication in other words explain the reason why the supreme court most likely accepted the case don t get sidetracked into the details or personaplease refer to the forum rubric when writing this forum

The task this week is to discuss how the Supreme Court determines which cases to hear, which cases not to take, and why. Select a recent Supreme Court case from “Opinions of the Court” on the Supreme Court website http://www.supremecourt.gov/, and explain why the Supreme Court accepted it for adjudication. In other words, explain the reason why the Supreme Court most likely accepted the case. (Don’t get sidetracked into the details or personal opinions of the case).

To assist in this assignment, please view the PowerPoint Presentation on the Supreme Court Process.

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PLEASE refer to the forum Rubric when writing this Forum. I have attached the textbook so you can use it as a reference / works cited. American Government: Chapters 4-5, 13 are what is discussed this week.