Cate Jenkins was an employee of the EPA. She wrote memos to the EPA Inspector General, U.S. Congress, and FBI detailing the chemical composition of dust from the September 11th attacks and its hazards to responders. She alerted the New York Times in 2006 and said in a 2009 CBS interview that the EPAexplicitly lied about the danger of the dust which caused chemical burns in the lungs of responders, debilitating illnesses in many that included fatalities, and that it could have been prevented with proper safety equipment. In fact, Jenkins’ husband was a fire fighter and he has was still suffering from problems since he responded to the 9/11 attacks. Jenkins claims that the EPA has been misleading about evidence of debris inhalation hazards since the 1980s. She was fired and in 2012.

Was Jenkins’ disclosure to the EPA ethical?

Make sure to use the chart to analyze your answer.