essay on the issue of race in the united states

Choose a topic of your choice after you read the attached document and write a paper of 700-1000 words capturing your understanding of the issues of race in the United States.

Your Essay should have only five paragraphs in the format of the Traditional College Essay. You must have a thesis (not a purpose statement) and thesis support. You are not allowed to use the first person point of view. Be sure to quote and cite sources correctly. You should have at least five sources. Revise and proofread your content for sentence structure and punctuations.

Avoiding Plagiarism:

To avoid both accidental plagiarism and plagiarism proper, you must provide citation for all borrowed materials in your paper. Whether you quote, paraphrase, or summarize information from any source, you must provide citation indicating to whom the idea belongs. (MLA style.) Along with the quotations and citations you have within the paper, known as in-text citations, you should provide a works cited page.

Objective: Students will examine the literature of diverse writers/authors and create a literary analysis that identifies the author’s theme that is relevant within the work.

Directions: Type a well-developed literary analysis that identifies the theme of the author’s work (Length 5 to 8 pages). The theme is in essence the issues that are presumed within the work. An analysis of the work should be presented with in the essay to reveal the theme. The essay should contain the following information:

  1. Thesis statement: Typically, your thesis will be a statement asserting the presence and importance of a specific theme in the work.
  2. Supporting paragraphs: 1) trace and demonstrate the presence and prevalence of the theme in the story (using specific references and examples), and 2) analyze and interpret the theme’s significance—the view that the book expresses about it.
  3. Documentation: Documentation is used within the essay (parenthetical citation) as well as a well-documented works cited page.