 You will be graded on content and how well you understand the course material, reasoning and how well you amalgamate the material.  Proper grammar and mechanics is crucial and will be a part of your grade. 1) Provide the contact information regarding your source (title, company, phone number & email) and how this person was reached. 2) A summary of the information you have collected (400-600 words). 3) Your observations regarding the exchange. a. Based on what the information obtained, would you feel comfortable living and working in that part of the world?

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  • Students are to connect electronically (phone or online) with a peer in another country or state to procure information regarding working practices, social or cultural customs that affect the workplace which are different to your own and suggestions for improvement (A list of FIU partnerships can be provided to you through the Office of Global Leaning Initiatives at FIU). The goal of the assignment is for each student to engage with peers whom are pursuing similar career endeavors and to gain awareness and perspective of how culture may affect each industry at the local level.
  • By peers, students should understand any person who is also a student pursuing a similar career path or works in the same professional field as you.
  • An illustrative example would be a student who also works in an advertising company with international branches. This student should contact peers who also work in the company performing similar work, but who are located abroad.
  • Social or Cultural customs that affect the workplace can range from specific holidays or local festivities to workplace rituals such as extended lunch breaks or alternative schedules based on climate or culture.
  • Workplace practices or conditions that may affect your peers work in other countries may include differences in labor laws (i.e.: maternity/paternity leave or anti-discrimination laws) to the effects of country or city infrastructure in the daily workplace (i.e.: commute time, questions during a work interview that can take place in one country vs. another).
  • Suggestions for improvement should be part of this exchange. Explore ways in which workplace productivity can increase for individuals in both countries given the current practices that you discussed.