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Target Market

  • Describe your target market, be very specific. For example, “customers” is not specific. “Adults” is not specific. “Women” is not specific. Use what you have read in your textbook. Use: demographics, psychographics, geodemographics, geographies, behavioral segments, or other segmentation criteria.
  • Describe the market, its anticipated growth, revenue opportunities, past performance, etc.
  • Create persona’s for each of your targets and describe them, perhaps even including a picture. Here is an article on creating personas: (Links to an external site.)

(Links to an external site.)

Competitive Analysis

  • Your Competitive Analysis section should focus on two key competitors. You may include potential substitutes if you do not have direct competitors.


  • For this section of your plan you want to clearly state five (5) marketing objectives/goals for your client business. Be very specific. Know how you will measure success and by when for each objective because that comes up in #10.
  • Be realistic.
  • Objectives must also be consistent with the priorities of the organization.
  • Remember what you have learned about objectives from previous modules and readings in your textbook.

. Metrics: How Will You Measure Success of Your Plan?

  • Include appropriate benchmarks and metrics that explain how you will measure the success of your marketing plan. Review your five objectives and explain how you will measure success and when. Be specific. Remember, this is a marketing plan, but you do need to link it to business success. If you only increase brand awareness, will that affect the bottom line?