english hw 8

PART I—PERIODS AND QUESTION MARKS—9 pts. (1 pt. for each correct punctuation mark)

Directions:  Punctuate the following sentences.  Periods and question marks are emphasized.  Note:  Expanded spacing has been used; therefore, do not consider the extra spacing as a clue to insert punctuation.


   1.  She said, “Most PCs come with Web browsers and e-mail software”


   2.  Last month a supply of No 8601 labels were misplaced, weren’t they


   3.  Will your company charge extra for shipping special orders


   4.  Charlotte P Pittman was a Pinckney Inc. employee for many years


   5.  Did you place the order for copier toner yesterday, Kayla


   6.  The Office Systems Inc, which sells by catalog, has a stable clientele



PART II—COMMAS—26 pts. (1 pt. for each correct answer)

Directions:  Add commas, where needed, to the following sentences.  If a sentence needs no comma(s), do nothing.  Note:  Expanded spacing has been used; therefore, do not consider the extra spacing as a clue to insert punctuation.


   1.  The employees will simply have to choose between shorter hours or lower pay longer breaks or less vacation more benefits or fewer bonuses.


   2.  To download the files you first have to save them as text.


   3.  She brought cake and sweet rolls and coffee.


   4.  The consultant whom we have known for many years is very optimistic about completing the project by the deadline.


   5.  Our largest office is at 12453 Hartzler Boulevard Suite 400 New Haven Connecticut.


   6.  While you were eating I had a chance to check my messages.


   7.  The monitors are still serviceable however dated the software may be.


   8.  She usually checks her messages before she goes to meetings.


   9.  On Monday May 26 2003 the new contracts became effective.


 10.  Before she goes to meetings she usually checks her messages.


 11.  The students who complete their projects before the due date will be exempted from the exam.


 12.   “We’d better contact the Lincoln office” she said.


 13.  At 2:00 p.m. on every other Thursday we meet to discuss employee concerns.


 14.  The call was for you not Walter Harrell.


 15.  My friend Renee Sutton is an accountant for IBM Corporation.


 16.  The tables are in Chapter 5 page 128 of the report Lea.


 17.  Most of our customers who order order by phone.


 18.  Keith was the best candidate for the position wouldn’t you say?


PART III—PARTS OF SPEECH—44 pts. (1 pt. for each correct identification)

Directions:  You will be identifying these parts of speech in the following sentences:  nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions (prepositional phrases), and conjunctions.  Identify each part of speech as indicated below.  Remember—you must consider how the word is functioning in the sentence.


ü  Underline subjects once.

ü  Italicize all adverbs.

ü  Underline verbs twice.  (Place cursor anywhere in word and click on Home Tab, click on arrow next to Underline button, and locate the double underline.)

ü  Place prepositional phrases in parentheses ( ).

ü  Place a wavy line under adjectives.

(To insert a wavy line, place your cursor anywhere in the word, click on Home Tab, click on arrow next to Underline button; scroll and locate the wavy line.)

ü  Bold all conjunctions.


  1.  Because you can offer a sizeable discount, I am confident that you will make the sale.


  2.  Kate Fox and Norma Farrell’s office is located in the main building.


  3.  A high-quality camcorder can cost the consumer a month’s salary.


  4.  The men’s room on the fifth floor has just been remodeled.


  5.  Each one of the units seems too fragile for our purpose.


  6.  If Brittany Taylor continually interferes with your work, apprise your supervisor of the fact.


PART IV—GRAMMAR REVIEW—11 pts. (1 pt. for each correct answer)

Directions:  In the column at the right, indicate whether each sentence is correct (C) or incorrect (I) as written.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CORRECT THE SENTENCE.  USE THE TAB KEY IN THIS SECTION; DO NOT USE THE ENTER KEY.


      1.     My two sisters-in-law have opened a law firm in Fox Point.


      2.     Sadecki & Loos, Inc., have opened its new outlet in Chicago.


      3.     The agent’s assistant spent five minute’s discussing options.


      4.     While at the Lutzes, I met four members of the taxpayers’ committee.


      5.     We took Julian Hesses suggestion and submitted the plans to Karen.


      6.     Is it he or Anne Cliff who now represents us union members?


      7.     You may schedule your two weeks’ vacation now; whomever is in charge of scheduling will contact you.


      8.     Neither Renee Thompson nor her associates have their own software.


      9.     Some of the machinists wish that John Jacob were still in charge.


  10.     Our directory lists R.N.’s and M.D.’s separately.


  11.     The employee has his job to do; let him do it well.



PART V—CAPITALIZATION—16 pts. (1 pt. for each correct answer)

Directions:  Underline all capitalization errors in the following sentences.  DO NOT MAKE CORRECTIONS.  If the sentence is correct as shown, do nothing.


      1.     My best hours for completing homework are from 10 P.M. to Midnight.


      2.     The builder indicated that he could not begin our project by the promised date because of the late Winter Snows.


      3.     Please check section IX, paragraph 2, for timesaving steps recommended for real estate salespeople.


      4.     In my Business Communication Class, I completed the research project by the due date.


      5.     We traveled interstate 94 until we reached exit 70.


      6.     She received a Degree in Business Administration from Marquette University.


      7.     My instructor for office management 251 is always prompt to class.


      8.     Sharon found some excellent articles on time management in The Office Professional Magazine.


PART VI—NUMBERS—10 pts. (1 pt. for each correct answer)

Directions:  Underline all errors in number usage in the following sentences.  If the sentence is correct as shown, do nothing.


      1.     The Hall of Malls on the Internet lists over eighty-five malls.


      2.     All 4 of the Internet directory services offer fax numbers and 3 offer electronic mail addresses.


      3.     Accountants in their late 50s have seen many changes in the handling of accounts payable.


      4.     Car rental rates should be checked fourteen, seven, and three days in advance to see if prices have been lowered.


      5.     Forrester Research predicts that 3,300,000 jobs will move offshore by the year 2018.


      6.     I use the program Quicken to pay my bills on the fifth of each month.


      7.     I purchased an excellent personal finance software program for approximately eighty dollars.