ENEB Business School Importance and Benefits of E Learning Paper/ Assignment Help

Final Project Guidelines

Please use this format to submit your final work. The paper must follow all the guidelines as instructed in order to obtain full credit.

Remember that our team of tutors is available for any questions regarding your final work. You must present the final version of your work as no previous corrections will be carried out. To submit the final project, students must use the template below, with their answers written after each statement.

Please present your final paper according to these requirements:

  • Arial 12 Font.
  • Margin: 2,5.
  • Line spacing: 1,5.
  • All fields on the cover page must be completed.
  • The document needs to be properly paged.


Your final project must be authentic and individual. Any work that has been plagiarized or papers written by others or with the help of others are likely to be failed. If this occurs for the second time, you will not be permitted to obtain your degree.

Be aware that you are permitted a maximum of two submissions per subject. If both projects do not meet the standards and fail, the student must pay the corresponding fee to be evaluated again.

When writing your final project please use Microsoft Office, Adobe or Apache’s Open Office Writer tools (DOC, DOCX, ODT, PDF, etc.). Please consult your tutor when using a different format. Additional information about the software will be needed.


Please use the following format:




The project should not exceed more than 18 pages, excluding the cover page, bibliography and the appendix.


Evaluation Guidelines


The final work will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Acquired knowledge (25%): the knowledge acquired throughout the course of the subject will be evaluated through the analysis of the theoretical data shown in the project presented by the student.
  • Development of the Subject (25 %): the interpretation of the thesis subject by the student and its development will be evaluated in a coherent and analytical manner.
  • Final result (25%): the final evaluation is based on coherent solutions applied to solve objectives set out in the paper. The presentation must be conclusive and formatting must meet established parameters.
  • Additional information and bibliography (25%): additional information regarding the research and subject matter will be evaluated and taken into consideration as a bonus. This consist of: bibliography, visual graphics, charts, independent studies carried out by the student, external academic sources, articles of opinion, etc. All sources, both printed and online, must be referenced according to the APA regulations.




Brico Market L.C. is a large American international company, dedicated to the sale of products for home improvement. Includes articles related to; DIY, construction, electricity, ceramics, hardware, air conditioning, painting, drugstore, exterior and garden, etc.


Seven years ago they decided to enter the European market, currently operating in France, Germany, and Spain, to cover more field in the European market. In total, workers in Europe add up to 800. The European headquarters resides in Barcelona, where the central offices are located.


In recent reports, the results are still positioned below those of the Spanish market, not reaching the organisational objectives in some cases.


Among other measures taken, the most important lies in a substantial investment in training, since it has been detected that, even though they consider that human capital is impeccably selected, they lack more training to be up to par with the American market. For this, the HR Department is expanded with a Training and Development team composed of great professionals with extensive experience, both in training and development, as well as in the company and the sector. They are awarded a project which you are going to lead.




  1. Define the objectives you want to achieve with the Training and Development Plan: Formulate at least 3 goals.


  1. Plan the training program, for this please bear in mind:
    1. Identify the needs and departments to which it will be addressed.
    2. Typology of contents.
  • Methodology to be used.
  1. Select the pedagogical material resources.
  2. Conditions in which the training will be imparted.
  3. It develops the budgets with which it is going to count for the elaboration of this Training Plan.


  1. Suppose that the Training Plan has been carried out in Brico Market L.C., the Board of Directors ask us for a report on the results obtained: Evaluate the Training Plan.


  1. As head of the Training and Development Department, the HR Director awards you a research project on Training & E-learning. Since the HR Department is interested in implementing this tool to be able to cover more fields and/or training areas with a lower cost. You must prepare a very rigorous and specific briefing to convince Management of the importance of implementing e-learning in companies.