Below are 4 discussion questions that needs to be 250-300 a piece to meet the requirements. Each discussion question must have at least one reference.

Why is vision essential to facilitating successful change in an organization? What is the correlation between a leader’s role/vision and a successful change initiative? Describe a vision that you have seen/heard/read/viewed that you felt inspired successful change. How did this vision influence people’s behavior and attitudes toward a major change initiative?

According to the textbook, people are more motivated when “they are shown a truth that influences their feelings” than they are by analysis. Discuss the relevance of this statement for organizations growing and responding to change. What responsibility does a leader have to honor stakeholder concerns when “feelings” are the primary basis for the concerns?

Standards “drive instruction,” therefore, how do standards influence curriculum planning?

Describe three things you can do to develop a “community of learners” in your classroom. Give a specific example for each.