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Enhancing employees’ knowledge through training and development is crucial in today’s marketplace. Employees that receive training and improved skills, which make them more knowledgeable and able to perform their daily work more effective and efficiently, tend to be more engaged and motivated. This in turn is reflected in improved performance and helps the organization stay competitive.

However, the implementation of the proper strategy for employee learning is a challenge for most organizations. In the majority of organizations there is a diversity of learners, and different employees learn better through different learning styles. Such leaning styles need to be taken into consideration when planning a training program. 

Go to: “What Is Your Learning Style?” and take the learning style quiz. 

Post your quiz results and discuss your learning style. Additionally, what are the implications of knowing a person’s learning style? (What type of training most appeals to people with a similar learning style to you? What methods of instruction work best with your learning style group? What method of instruction is a challenge for this learning style group?) 

Your initial post should include at least one scholarly source to support your ideas. 


The quiz i took is below