Did the revolutions in Latin America change the political economic and social environment questions help

1. Did the revolutions in Latin America change the political, economic and social environment?

2. Name at least five Latin American and Caribbean leaders that have influenced the world in the last 80 years

3. Why was the Cuban revolution a world issue or a possible start of World War III?

4. What reform efforts did the tsars try in the period 1871-1914?

5. Why were the tsars unable to solve the “peasant” problem?

6. Why did Stalin triumph over Trotsky?

7. Why did the Cold War begin and end, and who was the winner?

8. Assess the costs and benefits of British imperialism in India in the period 1919-1939

9. Assess the advantages and disadvantages of European imperialism for Africa

10. What was the significance of Pan Africanism and the end of colonialism?

Answer to each question should be around 50-100 words long and include a reference