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Abnormal Psych

Week 2

Select an article published within the last five years related to Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD). Answer the following questions regarding the article.

Double spaced, one page (5 detailed paragraphs) APA format.

1.     What was the purpose of the study?     

2.     What variables were under consideration and how were they measured?

3.     Was it a valid form of measurement, why or why not?  For example, if they used standardized measures did they have good reliability and validity?

4.     What about the method used, was it most appropriate why or why not?

5.     What are some criticisms of the study?

6.     What are some threats to internal and external validity?

7.     What group or groups can the findings be generalized to?

8.     Based on this study what are potential future areas of study?