delivery oral presentation female voice


Delivery of Oral Presentation (female voice)


Deliverable Length: At least 8–10 content PowerPoint slides + a title and reference slide
Due Date: 9/17/2012 11:59:59 PM CT   


The time has come for you to deliver an oral presentation for the management staff based on the business subject you chose during Week 1. You will update your draft of your PowerPoint presentation to use in conjunction with your speech.


Compile all of the information from Weeks 1–3. Review the entire presentation, and rewrite, remove, or add any information and/or slides to help organize the flow of the content of the presentation.


The final presentation should include a title and reference slide(s).


Proceed with one of the following options to create your .mp3 file of your audio presentation:

The following table contains different programs that can be used to create an Mp3 audio file, as well as links to download the programs and instructions for using the programs:





Ease of Use

Free Sound Recorder 2010

Download instructions/
User instructions

Not Available

Very Easy

RecordPad (14-Day Trial)*

Download instructions/
User instructions

Download instructions/
User instructions



Download instructions/
User instructions

Download instructions/ User instructions



*Note: If you intend to use this program, do not download it until you are ready to complete your assignment.




Instructor’s comments and suggestions


Excellent work on your Discussion Board for our third phase of ENGL 211 Please continue to work on your readability and drawing conclusions based on your workplace examples and or reference material.


Instructors’ Grade note ON P3IP


Excellent work on your Individual Project for our third phase of ENGL 211. You used PowerPoint to make several slides concerning different types of communication messages, specifically, bad-news, good-news, and routine-request messages. You needed to draft 3–5 PowerPoint slides that explained the components and characteristics of the different types of communication messages and how to deliver them effectively in written style. Lastly, you needed to use 1 example for each message. Your assignment was very well written and you completed all of the assigned areas. You wrote at least 100-words for your 3 to 5 content slides and included that information in your note section. Make sure that you use the information from this assignment (P3IP) to complete the phase 4 IP- the oral presentation.