critical thinking wk 2

One of the topics covered this week focused on the effect of beliefs and perceptions on the development of knowledge. Your assignment is to address questions related to this topic using a case study.

Directions to complete assignment:
1-Click HERE to download the case study
2-In a word document, answer the following:

  1. What was Barbara’s initial belief about going to the dentist?
  2. Did Barbara’s perception of going to the dentist enhance or detract from her belief?
  3. What evidence do you have to support your position?
  4. After her cavity was filled, what do you think Barbara’s belief is about going to the dentist?
  5. What perceptions do you think Barbara has developed which may affect her next visit?
  6. From a business standpoint, do you think people’s perceptions matter?
  7. How do you think it affects dentists?
  8. What impact do societal beliefs play on your thinking?

3- Name and save the document as ‘LastnameFirstName.docx”-So John Smith would be “SmithJohn.docx (or.doc)

Grading Criteria:
1. Answer each question in paragraph format. Your paragraph must consist of at least 3-5 sentences.
2. Your answers must be written in complete sentences, without spelling or grammatical errors.
3. Your answers must be in your own words.
4. Use MS Word to complete this assignment.