create a persuasive message

Create a persuasive message. Depending on your chosen audience, it can be delivered as an email, a block letter, or an advertisement. To write a persuasive message, the writer needs to collect information about “(1) your product, service, or idea; (2) your audience; and (3) the desired outcome” (Lehman + Dufrene, BCOM9. Cengage Learning, 2018, p. 139).A few possible topics for your persuasive message could include any of the following:

  • Request the ability to work from home
  • Ask for a more flexible work schedule
  • Ask for a specific benefit (for instance, health benefits if your company doesn’t provide them, a gym membership or access to a work out room or equipment, paid vacation, a pay raise, cost of living increase, increased duties, the ability to use social media while on the job, and so forth).
  • Ask for a specific company to stock a product or discontinue offering a service.

For additional information on writing a persuasive message, please review Chapter 8 in BCOM9.For persuasive message, the inductive approach is recommended (list the facts first and then deliver the “ask” or desired course of action last.Another useful format in delivering persuasive messages is AIDA:

A—Attention (“Get the reader’s attention”)

I—Interest (“Introduce the product, service, or idea and arouse interest in it”)

D—Desire (“Create desire by presenting convincing evidence of the value of the produce, service, or idea”)

A—Action (“Encourage Action”)(p 8.1).

There’s no rubric for this assignment but it will be graded for content as well as grammar, punctuation and mechanics.You may need to do a little bit of research and gather facts and evidence in order to be persuasive.For instance, if you are asking for a company-provided pass to a gym, you might want to include research which links stress or burnout to increased rates of absenteeism.If outside information is used, please be sure to properly cite.You are not limited to only the suggestions listed.Be creative!If you have an idea but aren’t sure it fits the assignment criteria, please reach out to review your idea with me.