Healthcare organizations enter into written contracts every day. Typically, the HIM professional secures contracts for transcription, record copying, imaging, record storage, coding, other outsourcing, or consulting services. Although contracts can prevent confusion and conflict, they can also bind the inattentive signer to conditions that are difficult or impossible to meet.

Your CEO and CFO are in the process of reviewing contracts between outside vendors and your organization. They have asked you to review the current contract you have with ABC Coding Services. Your focus will be to identify any areas which may mitigate risk to the organization.

As you read the contract, think about the requirements you have for your own staff within the HIM department: Confidentiality standards and requirements, disclosure or redisclosure of patient information, productivity standards, HIPAA privacy rule (42 CFR, Part 160-164)

Include the following.

  • Review the current contract with ABC Coding Services: ABC Coding Services Contract.
  • Identify five (5) areas you feel might pose a risk to the organization.
  • Determine how you would change the risk areas addressed in the contract.