EACH of the 5 responses must contain a MINIMUM of 240 words (not including the reference list). For the week, you need a MINIMUM of 3 EBSCO scholarly sources cited and referenced in your work. These sources are to cover the CONSUMER BEHAVIOR TOPICS in the questions, NOT the products or services discussed. So if you are including additional EBSCO research on Honda or Apple, this WILL NOT COUNT toward your total required scholarly research requirements! Be sure you are researching the Consumer Behavior topics using the scholarly research.

Question 1

What are the most likely consumer market segments for robots? Which consumer characteristics would be important to determine these market segments? What types of roles do you envision robots playing for these consumers?

Question 2

Discuss the “creepiness” concerns that some consumers have about robots and FRT. How can marketers address or even overcome these issues?

Question 3

Discuss the possible reasons to buy a watch today. Connect each motivation you identify with an appropriate motivational theory.

Question 4

What does Apple really believe will motivate consumers to purchase the Apple Watch? Are there different motivations at the low versus high (luxury version) price point?

Question 5

How do marketers of watches use marketing and advertising to motivate consumers to buy them? Give specific examples.