complete psych development assignment no plagiarism fvsu

You are developmental psychologist working in the Peach county school system. Your job is to design programs to maximize the learning of children who are having problems in school. Select a specific theoretical orientation that you strongly “believe in” and design a program that fits this theory. (For example, if your theoretical perspective was Piagetian, you would design your program based on the principles of his theory. How would Piaget (or whatever theorist you select) try to maximize the learning of a child of X age? How would Piaget, Erikson, (or whoever) help a child with social or behavioral problems?) 

You can choose a particular child and age to work with. 
In order to be effective, you need to first have a good grasp on the theorist that you “believe in”. Think about what your theorist believes about development: 
1. Is the child an active or passive participant in learning? 
2. Are parents or peers more influential in the child’s learning? Does the child learn best by testing the environment or by active support from others? 
3. Can you “push” the child to learn or is he/she locked into a stage that cannot be changed until a certain age? 

Try to be creative in your thinking; 
Above all, have fun- this is not supposed to stress you out!

Complete the assignment. Assignment should be a minimum of one page, APA style, typed, double-spaced; not to exceed 2 pages. Submit it in the dropbox.