Common Theme Reading/Activity 7

  1. Visit the following website and review the list of fifteen podcasts dedicated to writing. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
  2. Choose a podcast you think sounds interesting and write an annotation for an episode. Post this on the Common Theme Reading/Activity 7 Discussion Board. Remember that, for the purposes of this course, an annotation has three parts:
    1. A formal citation in MLA or APA
    2. One paragraph that effectively and thoroughly summarizes the main arguments/ideas
    3. One paragraph that considers the credibility of the author as well as the usefulness of the argument. For this reading, you should try to make connections to other writer identity readings we’ve been doing all semester. How do these ideas connect with your podcast?
  3. In a third paragraph, reflect on the increasing multimodal nature of 21st century culture. How do media like podcasts, ted talks, twitter, etc. affect what it means to be a writer?