choose a recent article from 2018 up to 6 months old

Choose a recent article from 2018 (up to 6 months old) to analyze with Aggregate Demand and Supply concepts and graphs (Ch.5), using at least one graph. Thus, you need to find an increase or decrease of at least one of the following: consumption, taxes, investment, interest rates, government spending, exports, imports, prices of resources used in production, technology, capital, labor force, or GDP or inflation (then why does inflation or GDP change?). Your text should include explanations of any shifts and movements in your graph/s/ from the events in your article, and the subsequent impact on real GDP and the price level.

Your text should be 3/4 to 1 page single-spaced (1″ margins, 10-12 pt Times New Roman font), suggestively, one paragraph about the article and one paragraph analyzing the graphs (why the curve would shift and the effect on RGDP and the price level). The graph/s/ should be made on a computer in Word (as will be shown in class), on separate page/s/ after the text is fine. Include your article (or a copy of it) as an appendix. If you choose to work together with any other students on this assignment, you have to turn in the assignment as one team project (turn in one copy only), and you should not be more than three in one group (state names of each team member on the project).

Due in the beginning of class Friday, October 12.