organ pipe 0155m long and closed one end temperature air inside pipe

an organ pipe is 0.155m long and closed at one end. The temperature of the air inside the pipe is 23 C. a) calculate the speed of sound waves in the pipe b)calculate the wavelength of the sound waves c)calculate the fundamental frequency of the organ pipe d)calculate the frequency of the next harmonic

case study 2 charlotte beers ogilvy mather worldwide

What is Beers trying to accomplish as CEO of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide? Did Beers and her team “get the vision right”? Explain your answer. What is your assessment of the process Beers and her team went through to create the vision? Explain your answer. Did Beers and her team effectively “communicate for buy-in”? Explain your answer.   […]

expertresersher 2

Answer ONE of the following questions.   In your opinion, which group played the most significant role in helping to win the war?  The Continental Army, the colonists, the rebel militias, the French allies, or the British themselves? Support you argument. In which ways was the American Revolution democratic?  Not democratic? Explain your position.  How […]

problem set 3 0

Problem Set 3 Complete all questions listed below. Clearly label your answers.   1.      Will increases in government spending financed by borrowing help promote a strong recovery from a severe recession. Why or why not?   2.      Does fiscal policy have a strong impact on aggregate demand? Did the shift of the federal budget from […]

w4 assignment communication plan

Write a 1000 word, APA style paper, that explains and identifies which team members and stakeholders should be included in a communication plan. How often should communication occur with each?  What are the risks of not having a communication plan? Be sure to include a title page and 2 references.  References must be located in […]