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Discussion Questions, doesnt have to be all in depth 





1. All, what are the 3 steps in the decision process in building an IMC campaign? What are the 4 Ws we need to consider when developing a promotion program?



2.can you think of any other IMC campaigns running currently? What are some of the promotional channels are they using? What is the consistent message they are communicating?


3.What are the strengths, weaknesses, advantages and disadvantages of the promotional element you selected? Share at least one example of how a real company is using it in their promotional mix.


4.what is the role that social media plays in the communication process? Feel free to share examples!


5. what are some other ways that companies can use social media to increase sales? Please “share” an example!





Good point, Demetrius, about the bigger brands! Speaking of McDonald’s, have you ever wondered how the “big brands” handle social media?

This video interview with Rick Wion, Social Media Manager for McDonald’s, provides an interesting perspective on social media monitoring. How does customer service factor into the social monitoring process? What are some of the key skills you need to work in social media for a brand like McDonald’s? How do they manage the social aspect of communication? Good stuff!