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You are the Coding Supervisor in the HIS Department.

It’s budget time at your facility. You propose to your manager that all your staff (8) get new computers. Currently, your staff has computer systems that are six years old, and that only have 15” monitors. You are going to begin sending some of your coder’s home within the next year, and the current systems are not compatible with the home coding system you anticipate using. Eventually, all of your coders would like to work from home, and so you would like to upgrade all 8 of the computers in your department this year. 

Your manager agrees that this is important, since one of your future goals is to have all of your coding staff working from home. She asks you to research new computer systems for your staff, and present to her your findings and your recommendation for purchase.

Using the internet, research three different computer systems (3 different vendors/types/brands). Compare and contrast the three, according to the system requirements below, including price. Choose the system that will be fit your needs.

System Requirements: (at a minimum)

  1. 19” monitors or flat panel screen 
  2. Windows Vista or Windows 7operating system 
  3. 2.80GHz or faster processor 
  4. 1 GB or more of memory 
  5. 160 GB or more hard drive 
  6. 16X DVD-ROM drive 
  7. Wireless Keyboard 
  8. Wireless Mouse 
  9. 56K modem; wireless 

In a 1-2 page paper, describe the comparisons you made for each of the computers. Which computer did you pick and why did you pick that particular one (include a description of the computer from the website)? Also, include information for the total cost for 8 of the same systems for the HIS department.