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This Assignment will provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate strategies for teaching fluency and comprehension. Review the reading and the videos paying particular attention to strategies that will promote these important reading skills. Use this information to create a pamphlet or flyer that will inform parents or other educators of some effective comprehension and fluency strategies.

Read the Assignment directions document below for further instructions and use the Assignment template or create your own pamphlet/flyer.

Strategies for Building Comprehension and Reading Fluency

For your Unit 6 Assignment, you will prepare a brochure that explains the importance of comprehension and fluency in the reading process and also shares a variety of strategies for developing these areas. Use the Unit 6 reading and videos to help you develop your brochure. You can use the Assignment template provided for your brochure or create your own. If you are using the template, be sure to replace any text in red with your own work. If you are currently working in the educational field, you may want print copies of the brochure to share with your colleagues or with parents of young children who are learning to read. Be sure to format your brochure to include the following key points:

  • A brief introduction to the reading process defining the terms “comprehension” and “fluency” and an explanation of why comprehension and fluency are so important to successful reading (Be sure to explain this in YOUR OWN words—do not copy from your book or any other sources).

  • Specific comprehension strategies—identify and explain four (4). You may want to consider some of the following;
    • Visualizing
    • Determining importance
    • Monitoring and adjusting
    • Predicting
    • Making inferences
    • Summarizing
    • Analyzing
    • Posing questions
    • Using fix-up strategies
    • Building vocabulary
    • Word identification skills
    • Before/During/After reading strategies
  • Specific fluency strategies—identify and explain four (4). You may want to consider some of the following;
    • Repeated Readings
    • Drill and practice of sight words to increase sight work recognition
    • Use of straightedge to eliminate visual distractions when reading
    • Reading along with a recording
    • Echo-reading
    • Timed readings
  • Resources—includes at least 3 websites relevant to comprehension/fluency and provides full information (titles of websites, web addresses, etc.). Resources include summary explaining benefits.
  • References—include any resources you used in preparing your brochure (including your eBook and the videos). Be sure to use APA format in creating your reference list.