This is the second component of your course project. Use your textbook Gartee, R. (2011), Health Information Technology and Management, and Burke and Weill, (2012) Information Technology for Health Professions. Sometimes the characteristics, use, and details of a Request for Information and a Request for Proposal can be mixed up. The following interactive, The Tools of the Trade, was created to help you understand the use of each and to distinguish the differences between them. In this assignment, you will identify specific needs and requirements of a hospital. This is a formal way of telling potential vendors what the requirements of the hospital are. This document must include the following: • Examine and describe the compliance, privacy needs, and requirements of the hospital. • Examine and describe the information system needs and requirements of the hospital. o List current hardware, software, administrative applications, data storage processes, medical informatics, and so on. • Examine and describe the internal and external communication needs and requirements of the hospital. o This includes Internet, intranet, security, intra-departmental communication, inter-department communication, patient communication, other telecommunications, networking, and decision support services. • Examine and describe the billing and coding needs and requirements of the hospital. o This includes insurance and managed care companies contracted with the hospital and patient billing, payment methodologies, reimbursement methodologies, Medicare, Medicaid, and any other government programs. • Provide key components that address the strategic needs of the hospital. For example, administrative, technological, clinical, and organizational. Review The Tools of the Trade media element, given in the Resources section, to refresh your memory on what each type is, and how they are used.