assignment psychology 2


Assignments must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document or rtf using the dropbox. I cannot open Pages documents. Theparticipation assignments are based on your readings and usually require an answer that is a paragraph in length.Grammar, spelling and punctuation are part of the grade so proof read before you submit.Your assignment should be based on the readingin the textbook and should contain details using specific terminology from the text. Do not quote the text without a citation. Write in your own words. Itis not necessary or desirable to refer to other sources. Participation is a cooperative approach to learning.

You will not only learn from the instructor, but from each other. Assignments are worth 20 points. You will submit ONE assignment for each unit of three modules. Assignment one will cover modules 1,2,3, assignment two will cover modules 4,5,6, etc. Assignment one contains three choices and you will choose one. So that is one assignment for each 3 modules. Review the 3 assignments and decide which ONE you will do. Do not do them all.There will be NO MAKEUPS allowed on assignmen


Only turn in one choice from the first three modules (chapters). Submit the one assignment through the Dropbox. Must be submitted as a Word document, rtf, or pdf.

Chapter 1 Introduction to Psychology

Which theory is most like me? Unit 1 Choice 1

Directions:guy thinking

After reading your assignment for this module, write a paragraph describing the principles (basic ideas) of the theory below that you think is most similar to your beliefs about human behavior and explain why you think this theory is similar to your personal beliefs.




Gestalt psychology

Psychodynamic Psychology


Chapter 2 Psychological Research Unit 1 Choice 2


Recently a study was published in the journal, Nutrition and Cancer, which established a negative correlation between coffee consumption and breast cancer. Specifically, it was found that women consuming more than 5 cups of coffee a day were less likely to develop breast cancer than women who never consumed coffee (Lowcock, Cotterchio, Anderson, Boucher, & El-Sohemy, 2013). Imagine you see a newspaper story about this research that says, “Coffee Protects Against Cancer.” Why is this headline misleading and why would a more accurate headline draw less interest? For this assignment, remember that we are studying research methods in chapter 2. Your response must discuss research methods.

Chapter 3 Biopsychology Unit 1 Choice 3

Directions:man looking at ct results

Write a paragraph discussing a concept from the Biopsychology Module that you found to have some personal relevance or special meaning. Explain why learning about this topic is important to you. For example, my first husband had Parkinson’s disease. So, I might write about the transmission of neuro-chemicals such as dopamine and how the inefficient transfer or lack of dopamine is the cause of Parkinson’s.