This is the prompt my teacher has given me on blackboard

Paragraph 1 intro: 3 point thesis, overview, medium of technology and 3 arguments for how its making your life better or worse

paragraph 2: concession 2 counters that counter the thesis directly with 2 sources in paragraph 2

paragraph 3-5 argument if the medium is making your life better or worse

paragraph 6 conclusion: restate thesis

College writing utilizes many argumentative types of essays, and you will have to write many essays in college where you will need to state an argument, support your argument, and also read, dissect, and look for weakness in other arguments. For this fourth essay, you will need to write an argumentative essay in exclusive third person. The essay needs a solid introduction, a concession paragraph (counter argument), three additional body paragraphs, and a conclusion (six paragraphs total). You will need a minimum of six sources including at least one from the Grossmont Library as well as one source from the selected readings that we have covered. Also, this essay should come to four pages minimum, not including the works cited page.

In addition, this fourth essay is about technology. The first objective is to choose a specific field or broad topic of technology such as social networking, medical advancements, video games, etc. You will need to argue three specific reasons as to how this technical field is making our lives better or worse. The word better for this essay could mean several concepts: convenience, more intelligence, faster means of communication, etc.; furthermore, “worse” has many different connotations in terms of technology as well. We will spend a lot of time over the next couple of weeks discussing the advantages and disadvantages of technology. Lastly, in the concession your must present at least two opposing views that go against your own argument.

the attached files are the readings he gave us