answer the questions 405

1- Explain “Arising out of Employment”?

2-Explain “In the course and scope of employment”?

3-Is a pre existing injury that’s made worse by working conditions be a compensable case? Why or why not?

4-Driving from home to work is covered by workers compensation, why or why not?

5-Is horseplay compensable? Why or why not?

6-Is a trip to the dry cleans to pick up your things and your boss’s things compensable?

7-An employee fell when her foot caught on the carpet of a level hallway at work while on her way to a meeting. Is this compensable? Why or why not?

8-What is an idiopathic injury? Are they generally compensable?

9-Is pain and suffering compensable in workers compensation court? Why and why not?

10-What is the “Increased Risk” doctrine?