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Topic:  This assignment is the abstract.  The abstract allows the audience to see what your critical analysis will be about regarding “The Lottery”.  In an abstract, the writer simply gives information to the audience about what he or she plans on writing about in their real critical analysis essay.  An abstract allows a reader to see what your essay is about before deciding on reading your entire critical analysis essay.  To complete this abstract you will need:

1.  Your thesis statement (the one you stuck with throughout the process)

2.  Your Works Cited

3.  “The Lottery”

Directions:  This time the directions and the sample is attached.  Just simply review my sample and you will see what you must do.  I have actually created a sample abstract and in each paragraph in red, I have explained what you place in each paragraph.  Remember, you are writing an abstract on “The Lottery” but my sample is on another short story.  Of course you should follow the sample and heading as usual.  Points will be deducted if directions are not followed.  Please read the entire sample attached before beginning your own abstract.  

Here is the sample abstract and directions: Sample Abstract 2015.docxPreview the documentView in a new window