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Hi, I need help with the attached document below, THE ESSAY OUTLINE due 5th september (not the whole essay which is due later on), you have roughly 24 hours.

I have done all the work, however its at about 800 words at the moment and need it cut down to 500-600 words, and re- worded so it ISN’T PLAGARISED!!! please have a look and let me know if it something you can do!



I need someone who is extremely good at english, so can paraphrase and re-word my work with great comprehension and vast knowledge of words so no plagarism is detected.

This is my own work, but as i did this subject before (however wasn’t able to complete it) It will be detected as plagarism, so just need it be re-worded again.


I have attached the essay qs- I have picked number 8 and instructions, as well as the essay outline I have already done.


Thank you