5N2396 Briefly Discuss The Three Eras Of Special Education: Children With Additional Needs Assignment Help, CC, Ireland

5N2396 Briefly Discuss The Three Eras Of Special Education: Children With Additional Needs Assignment, CC, Ireland

University Chevron College (CC) 
Subject 5N2396 Children with Additional Needs

The following headings should be used:

Section one

Outline of Special Needs Provision in Ireland:

  • Briefly discuss the three eras of special education
  • Identify three reasons for policy and legislation changes in special needs education
  • Discuss the types of provision of special needs education in primary education and preschool.
  • Identify other types of educational supports available to children with additional needs in primary education and preschool to include: (teaching supports, plans, travel supports, resources and equipment etc).
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Section two

Outline, compare and contrast The Medical Model and The Social Model of special needs.

Give a contrast example of the two models in practice.

Section three

Outline of the legislation relating to special needs education in Ireland:

  1. Provide a list of all legislation in relation to special needs (min of 6 Acts)
  2. Briefly discuss two main pieces of legislation that apply to access and inclusion of children with additional needs in education
  3. Give an example for each piece of legislation (discussed in part 2) for where you see these pieces of legislation in practice in childcare
  4. Provide details of two Articles in the UN Convention on Rights of the Child that specifically apply to special needs.

Section four

Identify the role and responsibilities of the Special Needs Assistant/Early Years Educator in supporting a child with additional needs.

  1. Briefly describe the signs and symptoms of two special needs conditions (Do not use Down Syndrome, as it is in second project)
  2. Identify 4 Core Skills (eg patience) needed to assist a child with each of the conditions mentioned in part 1
  3. Discuss best practice in an educational/early years setting for including a child with special needs

Section five

Describe a range of support services available to children with additional needs:

  1. Give two specialists on a multidisciplinary team and outline their specialist role (eg Speech Therapist, Physiotherapist etc.)
  2. Discuss the role of two specialist services which support children with additional needs (eg. Down Syndrome Ireland, Enable Ireland etc.)

Section six

This section of your assignment requires you to consider what you have learned by completing your project and offer your personal opinions on the progression in provision for children with additional needs.

  1. Discuss your own attitudes and values in relation to children with special needs
  2. Discuss the legal and ethical issues in relation to education and care of children with special needs
  3. Discuss your personal practice working with children with special needs and their families
  4. Make two justified recommendations based on your knowledge gained in this project. (E.g. more training in special needs for everyone to know best practice)