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Assignment # 1

Assignment #1: Each assignment should be 1 typed (SINGLE-SPACED) pages. Fully answer each question. This will apply to each assignment. 
(2 points each) 

1. Find the very latest information about the prevalence of drug use. What are the most popular drugs today? 

2. What are the danger signals of drug use and how can they be used to identify possible abusers? 

3. Discuss the reasons why alcohol and tobacco are somewhat acceptable in American society, and are generally not criminalized, from liquor stores to bars to grocery stores with liquor shelves. 

4. Discuss the relationship and the differences between physical dependence and psychological dependence and the fact that in the end the result may be the same in terms of damage to the user. Define addiction and give an example of how 2 different types of substances can lead to addiction. 

5. List the medicines you are your family has in your medicine cabinets at home. Demonstrate the degree to which Americans rely on over-the-counter drug therapies 





section 2


1. When we talk about the drug problem, what comes to your mind? Do you really think about alcohol and cigarettes? Many people are recovering from alcoholism, but are killing themselves with cigarettes. 

2. What do you think about alcohol in the media (movies, billboards, cable, soaps, and magazines, Internet)? Are there underlying messages that the use of products is risk-free and alcohol is normal and essential parts of social events?

3. Typically, both adults and youth believe there is a drug treatment or remedy for every ailment. Take stock in the medicines you have…..however, if there is anything illegal, I do not want to know. 

4. Do you think adults unwittingly teach youth to value drugs? What do you think about this? How could this be?

5. It appears it is easier to use a drug to cure some anxiety or problem, rather than to deal with it head on. Why don’t people like to deal with their problems head on? Give a concrete or specific example which may lead one into substance abuse regarding not dealing with a problem at the outset. 



for section 2 only need one page